Offered Courses Spring 88-89

Name Professor Location Time Description
Application of computers in industrial engineering Jamal Shahrabi 1شنبه(1315-1500)
Probability theory and applications Majid Aminnayeri 1شنبه(1700-1830)1شنبه(1700-1830)
Design and control of management information systems Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi 1شنبه(745-915)1شنبه(745-915)
Economics 2 Ali Mohammad Kimiagari 1شنبه(730-915)
Engineering economics Akbar Esfahanipour 1شنبه(1330-1500)1شنبه(1330-1500)
Manufacturing processes 2 Saeid Mansour 1شنبه(1045-1200)1شنبه(1045-1200)
Material science Saeid Mansour شنبه(745-915)شنبه(745-915)
Motion and time study Seyed Nasrolah Marashi Shoshtari 1شنبه(745-915)1شنبه(745-915)
Operations research 1 Abbas Seifi شنبه(915-1045)شنبه(915-1045)
Operations research 2 Abolfazl Ghaemi شنبه(1330-1500)شنبه(1330-1500)
Facilities planning Hamid Davoudpour 1شنبه(1330-1500)1شنبه(1330-1500)
Principles of management and organization theory Abass Afrazeh 2شنبه(730-915)
Inventory planning and control 1 Behrooz Karimi شنبه(915-1045)شنبه(915-1045)
Inventory planning and control 2 Akbar Esfahanipour 1شنبه(915-1045)1شنبه(915-1045)
Production planing Seyed Mohammad Taghi Fatemi Ghomi 1شنبه(1045-1200)1شنبه(1045-1200)
Statistical qualty control Mir Mahdi Seyed Esfahani شنبه(1045-1200)شنبه(1045-1200)
Statics Davoud Fadaei 2شنبه(1500-1645)
Engineering statistics Amir Ahmadi Javid 1شنبه(915-1045)1شنبه(915-1045)
Systems analysis Reza Ramezani khorshiddost 1شنبه(1630-1800)1شنبه(1630-1800)
Technical english Kaveh Mohammad cyrus شنبه(730-915)